Our Work

We are professional carpenters who provide safe, productive work in scaffolding, interior systems and drywall, heavy form, healthcare construction ICRA, floor covering, pile driving, solar installation and maintenance, metal stud and wood framing, millwork and cabinetry, lathing and more.



We represent one trade with many crafts. Our members touch every aspect of a construction project; they’re frequently first on the job and the last to leave. Central South carpenters are in-demand for industrial, commercial, institutional and many other job sites, providing the skills and experiences that only union training can supply. We deliver reliable, productive results in:

Starting with pre-project conferences to outline the scope of work, manpower needs, and scheduling issues, we keep lines of communication open throughout the life of the project. Our range of capabilities is based in fundamentals, so that jobs are done safely, on time and on budget. That foundation is built on:

  • Productivity: Exacting skills and experience keep your project on time and on or under budget.
  • Competitiveness: Tailor-made contracts and work schedules are used to meet project specifications.
  • Reliability: Disciplined crews are available where, when, and for as long as they’re needed.
  • Accuracy: Certified specialists are trained in the latest products and installation techniques.
  • Safety: Intense safety training and job site monitoring helps create the safest possible work site.
  • Leadership: Top-notch foremen and superintendents understand how to get the best from a crew.
  • Professionalism: We believe a cooperative, “can-do” attitude is just as important as skills and productivity and we bring the right attitude to work, every day.
  • Recruitment: We aggressively recruit from a variety of sources to ensure even the largest of jobs are staffed with competent professionals.

Additional Areas of Expertise

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