Members Helping Members: Flood Recovery Continues

Members of the Central South Carpenters are extending the helping hand for fellow members in need of recovery help after sustaining severe damage to the recent flooding in Louisiana. Members offered their time and talents to volunteer and to come to the aid of members who lost homes, possessions, etc., to the August flood. Gutting homes was the first order to business, to help them start the re-building process.

Here, CSCRC Brother Milton from Ascension Parish was aided by Jacqueline Lewis, Hishman Pierce, Latoya Brown, Kevin Meredith, Council President John Edwards, and Council Representative Emanuel Mitchell Sr.

“The Miltons were very grateful that we came and helped them get through their tough battle of putting their hard earned valueables on the front curb,” said Mitchell, who along with Edwards spearheaded volunteer efforts. “But we had volunteers who were very concerned and willing to help.”

For more photos of this project, click here.


The historic flooding affected hundreds of our members, from apprentices to staffers. One of those who suffered significant damage was Council Representative Ed Gautreaux. Members volunteered to help gut Ed's home in Denham Springs. They were joined by EST Jason Engels and LSU Sophomore running back Derrius Guice of Baton Rouge. For more photos of this project, click here.


Volunteer efforts also came from our employers. Many thanks to Buquet & LeBlanc superintendent Robert Dial (brown shirt) for helping with demo work in East Baton Rouge Parish. He joined with Council EST Jason Engels, Leigh Gilly, Matt LaNasa and Danyel Engels to get this home gutted. For more photos from this project, click here.




Here, we were glad to put a smile back on William Purvis’ face, a member who lives in Livingston Parish. Volunteering their time to help William (pictured, shirtless) are: (left to right) Karen Costello, Michael Garst, Jacqueline Lewis, Kevin Meredith, Hishmam Pierce, and Jerry Young (We didn’t catch the name of William’s neighbor, shown sitting). For more photos of this project, click here.