UBC General President McCarron Meets with President Trump

In the opening days of Donald Trump's Presidency, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters secured a seat at the table to establish a good relationship with President Trump and his administration and advocate on behalf of our members.

Moments after signing an order to cease participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, President Trump met with the nation's labor leaders, including UBC General President Douglas J. McCarron.

Here's a video clip of the meeting, including President McCarron's comments at the end. Accompanying President McCarron at the meeting was UBC Political and Legislative Director Tom Flynn, shown in the video, seated to the right of President McCarron.

For more information, also check out these links on Fox News and Reuters.

To read the official news release distributed by the UBC, see below:

Washington, D.C. -- The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC), representing over 500,000 members, announced that General President Douglas J. McCarron and Political and Legislative Director Tom Flynn met with President Donald Trump and other labor leaders this afternoon to advocate for members and discuss core UBC issues.

During the meeting, the President told union leaders that he is renegotiating trade deals to get Americans back to work. The meeting with General President McCarron and other union leaders follows President Trump signing a memorandum to end US involvement in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), which the UBC has long opposed.  The meeting also follows a gathering at the White House of executives of large companies to discuss strategies on how to revitalize the U.S. economy.

“The UBC represents middle-class American workers and today we were collectively represented in the White House,” stated General President McCarron. “Our meeting with President Trump focused on the UBC’s continuing efforts to support and protect the working class and their families.”

Building on 135 years of history, the UBC supports an infrastructure plan with prevailing wages.

 “Our union of more than a half million men and women stands ready to put their skilled hands to work at the task of rebuilding our nation and middle-class families,” said UBC Political and Legislative Director Tom Flynn.

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