Baton Rouge Business Report Takes on Payroll Fraud

“Insight: Cracking down on misclassification, payroll fraud” is an article by Sheral Kellar. She is the director of the Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration, and has served at the Louisiana Workforce Commission as a workers’ compensation judge since 1991 and as chief judge since May 1999.

Some key excerpts include: 

“These illegal business practices deprive Louisiana employees and taxpaying citizens of lawful rights and legal protections. They also afford unscrupulous employers a competitive advantage at the expense of businesses that play by the rules, while divesting the state and general public of millions of dollars of tax revenues,” the article reads.

“The year 2017 presents a rare opportunity for the Fraud Unit of the Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration and the Office of Unemployment Insurance, to work together in the pursuit of employer misclassification and payroll fraud. With the consolidation of resources, collaboration of efforts among relevant state and federal agencies, community outreach and employee training, the new and improved UI and OWCA units will effectively bolster enforcement initiatives without increasing the size of government or unduly burdening Louisiana businesses.”

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