These Members are Our Council's Latest Leaders

EST Jason Engels and the entire staff and officers of the Central South Carpenters congratulate the following elite member leaders who recently completed†212 Journeymen: Next Level UBC Leaderstraining. Open only to those who are already journeymen leaders, this training focuses on constructing and building UBC relationships on the job site. Participants learn business finance cause and effect, emotional intelligence for UBC Leaders, adult learning principles, and how to manage healthy conflict.

71: Dennis McComb

329: Travis Finney, Edward Herrera, Reginald New Jr., Gilberto Sosa

429: David Acero

551: Ernesto Gomez, Sr., Roberto Prado

665: Johnny Forehand

724: Moises Osti, Ngoc Phan

1098: Ray Hoover

1266: Sean Ballow, Daniel Carranza Solis, Alfred Rittenhouse, John Van Daley

1836: William Conley

1846: Karen Costello, Bobby Green, Lizandro Marinez, Jr.

2086: Marcus McLaurin, Angelo Shelby

2345: Johnny Shine

3094: Shanta Prude

The Central South Carpenters are also proud to acknowledge and congratulate our latest class of members who took a significant step in becoming job site leaders by completing the†UBC Journeymen: Building Leadership for a Strong Future†training through the UBC. Our journeymen develop leadership, mentoring, coaching, and communication skills, and learn to engage with newer members and lead by example, all while promoting positive work environments and productivity on the job.

14: Carlos Alonzo, Geraldo Rodriguez

329: Patrick Blackmon, Brandon Choate, Thaddeus Crosser, Rick Defat, Donald Lierman, Danny Ritter

429: Steve Burt, Charles Cheramy, Pedro Degollado, Eduardo Martinez, John Messmer, Juan Quintanilla, Jaime Renteria, Jr., Joe Romero, James Streck, Tanner Tyson, Jason Woods, Alex Zarate

551: Barry Barron, Andrew Cullins, Tracy Evans, Mario Garcia, Judin Garza, Nekeiytrick Holland, Cres Lewis, Raul Meza, Juan Penagos Maldonado, Bessie Perez, Victor Provost, Clayton Van Kirk, Darrin Washington, Edward Williams, Marcus Wilson

665: Harold Bashaw, Juan Borrayo Villarreal, Jason Hernandez, Timothy Sloat

943: Pablo Escobedo, Marco Gonzales, Donald McFarland, John Vann

1098: Japathel Bellazer, Eric Downs, Jeffrey Galmon, Nigel Johnson, Rodriquez Sibley, Shemicka Smith, Marquis Frazier, Ronald Jackson, Byron Ricard

1266: Victor Aragon Velazquez, Jr., Arison Cerrato Garcia, Jr., Erick Garcia-Banda, Adrian Garcia Castaneda, Charles Gnerre, Anain Gomez, Jr., James Haumer, Raymundo Lechuga, Jose Maldonado Martinez, Gustavo Mandujano, Jaime Mandujano, Juan Mandujano, Ruben Mandujano Mendoza, Gregorio Valdez Consuelo, Jr.

1836: Mark Hampton, Rodney Palmer, Chaffy Uhde, WInston Wilkins

1846: Pedro Alvarez, Leonard Ancar, Jose Andino, Caleb Brumfield, Rodney Burke, Robert Cagle, Timothy Clement, William DeMouy, Jr., David Dykes, II, Eric Grayson, Sandy Guzman, Jacob Martin, Luis Mercado, Kevin OíConnor, Franklin Quiles-Olivo, Daniel Rivera Lopez, Juan Romero-Serrano, Jawanza Thompson, David Windwehen, James Windwehen

And, a big congratulations to the following members who recently completed leadership training through the†3rd Year Apprentice: Helping to Build Our Industries†program. These future leaders learned how professionalism, productivity, skill, and attitude contribute to their success, and to the success of the contractors who employ them. They also gain a greater understanding of the UBC, industries served, and the important role they play for both:†

329: James Chancellor, Stephen Chilcoat

429: Parris Darrington, Ramon Garcia, Juan Martinez, Jr., Ruben Mendez, Ricardo Pagan, Robert Wagner

551: Cavazos, Wilfredo, Jacob Dove, David Jimenez, James Watts

665: Travis Persons, Maurice Williams, Elizabeth Young

1098: Timothy Bello, Richard Ormsbee

1266: Christopher Bogart, Tristin Clifford, Lauro Garcia, Adalberto Gonzalez, Ruben Mandujano-Suaste, Larry Olivares, Gabriel Pounds

1836: Edward Bowden, Shalako Farnam, Joshua McDonald

1846: Guy Galloway, Keith Girod, Jose Hercules III, Jerome Myles, Jr., Austin Russ, Lance Vaughn, Rachel Pope

Visit our Councilís job site†leadership page†to see our entire list of member leaders.