Solidarity & Safety in the Pandemic

One of the top priorities for the Central South Carpenters in the midst of this global pandemic is to keep our members safe. We are accomplishing that through an unwavering commitment to mask up!

Many thanks to attorney Jay Youngdahl, who provides a host of business support services to the Council - and who also is a talented artist - for creating this unique graphical depiction of our commitment to solidarity and safety.

The artwork highlights our masked-up staff and Council delegates within our new logo - which itself represents the Central South Carpenters’ wrap around services for our members in all five states that we represent.

Well done, Jay!

“I hope that each time our members - and actually anyone - who views this artwork will renew their commitment to flattening the COVID curve by wearing a mask at all times while in public or around others while indoors,” said Jason Engels, Central South’s Executive Secretary Treasurer.