Local 329 President Matt Hawkins, Candidate Abby Broyles, and Local 329 Council Representative John West

Oklahoma Candidate for the U.S. Senate Visits Local 329

Members of Local 329 were given the opportunity to hear, first-hand, what their next U.S. Senator has in mind to protect working men and women in Oklahoma.

Abby Broyles, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate to represent Oklahoma, spoke with Local 329 members at the Union's July meeting. Abby is running against Republican Jim Inhofe. She answered a variety of questions from the members, including how she will protect Davis Bacon wage laws, pension reform and how she plans to fight tax fraud through payroll misclassification. She is certainly an advocate for the middle class working families of Oklahoma.

Here's more about Abby...

Former Oklahoma KFOR TV news journalist and attorney, Abby Broyles is running for the United States Senate to bring change to Washington. She will bring people together and work with anyone, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents if they are willing to make a better life for Oklahoma families.

An award-winning investigative reporter, Abby uncovered political corruption that led to felony charges against a Senator; unraveled the story a hush-money sexual harassment scandal at the state Capitol; exposed a loophole that allowed a sexual predator of children to keep his taxpayer-funded retirement; and held lawmakers accountable for wasting taxpayer dollars defending legislation they knew to be unconstitutional.

She has dedicated herself to seeking out the best in Oklahoma, holding those who hurt our families accountable, and protecting taxpayer dollars. Knowing her job as a journalist was to report with accuracy, Abby worked to ensure that voices on all sides were heard, earning the trust of Oklahomans. In 2017, Abby confronted head-on the need for change when she investigated a back-room power play at the capitol that stalled progress for women when politicians killed equal pay for women by keeping bills from receiving a vote.

Abby is a graduate of Bethany High School. Her dad managed the credit union down the street, and her mom has been a professor at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany for 40 years.

Abby graduated college in two-and-half years and began working as a journalist at age 20. She spent the majority of her TV career at the NBC affiliate in Oklahoma City. Abby was featured in documentaries for her reporting, including John Grisham’s The Innocent Man.

To further her advocacy for Oklahomans, Abby put herself through law school while working as a journalist. Her determination to ensure both sides are heard led Abby to hone her legal skills by working on both the prosecution and defense side before passing the bar and opening her own law practice.

Abby lives and breathes Oklahoma. She knows our families don’t have time for power-play politics. She’s not afraid of hard work and is ready to hold Senator Jim Inhofe accountable to our families and give Oklahomans back their voice in Washington.