Mr. John Edwards

Local 1846 & Council Leader Retires

John Edwards, a long-time leader both on the jobsite and in the union hall, has retired after 47 years of service.

From the time he joined in 1973 through his final day of work, John has played vital roles for Local 1846 and the Central South Carpenters Regional Council in a variety of leadership positions such as delegate, officer, president of both 1846 and the Regional Council, and as a council representative.

John was honored at the Local's latest union meeting, as well as at the Central South Carpenter Regional Council’s December delegate conference, where he was presented with a wooden plaque to commemorate his decades of service.

“The staff, officers and members of Carpenters and Pile Drivers Local 1846 congratulates Brother John Edwards on his retirement and thanks him for his many years of service and dedication to the carpenters union. We hope that he enjoys his retirement.”  - The Local 1846 Executive board: Victor Chavez, president; Shane Alvarez, vice-president; Robin Arnold, treasurer; Emanuel Mitchell, financial secretary; Anita Montgomery, recording secretary; Ray Calamari, conductor; Les Harvel, warden; Cindy Moffett, trustee; Man Peavy, trustee; and Austin Russ, trustee.

Local 1846 Executive Board

Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Jason Engels (third from right), attended the latest Local 1846 union meeting to help honor John Edwards in his retirement