Labor Day 2021 Message from EST Engels

Hello Brothers and Sisters,


As you know, several of our brothers and sisters sustained a tough blow from Hurricane Ida. There is significant property damage, but thankfully no loss of life. We are doing everything we can to help them get back on their feet and we will be sharing information as soon, and as often, as we can. If you are a victim of the storm and need help, please contact your Local Union representative. Find that contact information here.


Before Hurricane Ida, my Labor Day message was to highlight our union’s history, the UBC’s role in founding Labor Day and a request for you to remember the sacrifices of many within the Organization who fought before us. But since the hurricane, a different perspective and appreciation for what Labor Day truly means has emerged:


Top of mind for me is to especially remember and appreciate those who labored before us to secure humanitarian protections such as comprehensive healthcare coverage and well-funded pension plans.


I am also thankful for those who established a culture of dignity, loyalty, and respect within our brotherhood. That fueled our tradition of forming the deep relationships that we all share with our brothers and sisters – relationships that are sometimes a lifeline when a brother or sister is in crisis.


I know you will join me in supporting our brothers and sisters as they rebound from the storm. And while we are helping them, however we can, please take a moment in these next few days to remember this:


Labor Day is and always will be our day, regardless of current circumstances. We are the country’s elite workforce, we build strong, and we will overcome anything that gets in our way to emerge stronger, together.


God bless all of you this Labor Day.

Yours in Solidarity

Jason Engels

CSCRC Executive Secretary-Treasurer