Austin Foreman Meetings

Over the last several months, a large amount of interior systems foremen from Austin Local 1266 have taken advantage of a unique opportunity to hone their leadership skills. The Local established these monthly foremen meetings to cover a range of topics that focus on things like leadership styles, communication skills, how to set up a job for success through organization and planning, how to motivate workers, and many other topics.

The idea is to create better leaders in our ranks who recognize the value of their employees, and their role in setting up their jobsite and crew for success.

The idea for these meeting was shared by our neighbor, the Southwest Carpenters Regional Council. Current UBC Western District Vice President Randy Thornhill spearheaded these meetings years ago when he was with the SCRC. As Operation Bat Fury grew, DVP Thornhill provided guidance to get the meetings established, and then offered to lead the meetings.

It’s quite an opportunity to be taught by DVP Thornhill and have the chance to interact with the construction veteran and industry leader. In addition to DVP Thornhill, meeting co-leaders have included SCRC President and Chief Operating Officer Pete Rodriguez, On-the-Job trainers from the International Training Center, CSCRC EST Jason Engels, and CSCRC Director of Organizing and Operations,  Craig Wright.

Here are some photos of these events...