UBC 41st General Convention

Central South Carpenters Play Active Role at UBC Convention

The highlight of the recently concluded 41st UBC General Convention was the re-election of the McCarron Team, led by General President Douglas J. McCarron. Representing the Southern District on the McCarron Team is District Vice President Dennis Donahou, from the Southern Millwrights and Local 216. In addition to DVP Donahou, several staff and delegates from the Central South Carpenters Regional Council also played key roles at the General Convention.

Executive Secretary-Treasurer Jason Engels took to the stage three times as a member of three separate Convention committees. He was chairman of the Political Action Committee, secretary of the Election Committee, and a member of the Resolutions Committee. Additional participants were:

Dwayne Young, Local 71, Contracts & Jurisdictions Committee

John West, Local 329, Productivity & Competitiveness Committee

Kavin Griffin, Local 429, Trustee’s Report Committee

Joseph Ardoin, Local 1098, Health & Welfare Committee

Ray Calamari, Local 1846 & Louisiana Training Director, Apprenticeship & Training Committee

Craig Wright, Local 429, served as a Whip

David Wetmore, Local 665, served as a Warden

Three of our journeyman leadership program participants and one of our 3rd Year Apprentice leadership program participants were recognized for their efforts as part of the Convention’s kickoff proceedings.

A free mobile app exists that documents the General Convention with news, photos and more. To download that, simply search for “UBC2015” in the Apple or Google app stores. Also, the national UBC website,, has news and information about the Convention on its home page. Check it out!