Austin Scaffold Rodeo

Participants, sponsors and guest spent the afternoon watching some of the best in the business erect scaffolding in a friendly completion – The Scaffold Builders Rodeo! The event took place at the  newly constructed headquarters of the Central South Carpenters Regional Council – Carpenter & Millwright Training Center.

Four Teams registered for the rodeo with each team consisting of a four people. The teams represented Houston Carpenters Local Union 551, California, Florida, and Austin, Texas. Carpenters Local Union 551 team members were; Jose I. Vallecillo Jr., Santiago C. Perez, Antonio Moreno, Ramiro Moreno.

The event was a joint effort between the Central South Carpenters Regional Council, Scaffold & Access Industry Association, Layher, Inc. Scaffold Dawgs, Miller by Honeywell, Doug Holman, Common Sense Safety Solutions, and The purpose of the event was to showcase the talent of a scaffold builder, and the ease of use of Layer Scaffold material.  Also the event displayed the skill and the training needed to be productive and safe when performing scaffold work, and it showcased the latest safety equipment used in scaffold work.

The event started at 12:30 P.M. and took place in the parking lot of the Austin, Texas CSCRC training facility. The contest concluded at approximately 1:30 P.M. The four judge panel was made up of sponsors and educators. Judges for the event evaluated the participants on planning, communication, teamwork, safety and production. The prevailing team finished the project, a two bay, nineteen-foot, cantilevered deck Layher Scaffold in thirty eight minutes. Each of the 1st place team members was awarded safety gear and a five hundred dollar gift card from Home Depot all donated by sponsors of the event. It was a proud day for Local Union 551 members and Houston training center staff as the judges announced the winning team. All teams were honored and provided trophies and safety gear for their skill in the craft and participation in the event. In all, the entire event was a huge success, bringing together union and non-union carpenters, vendors and scaffold companies working together to build a stronger, safer industry for clients.