Central South Carpenters Regional Council

We are an affiliate of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Our members are skilled, productive, professional carpenters from Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

CSCRC Relief Fund Request Form

Personal Information


Please explain the nature of your request. Provide all details including the date of the incident or damage to your property, the cause, and any other pertinent details. Filling out this form initiates your relief request, however, more documents and information may be requested once your application is received.

You may request up to $1,000. The money may only be used for certain purposes based upon the nature of your request. Applications will be evaluated individually. Please explain in detail how you will use the funds, if your application is approved. Example: $150 for new shingles to repair roof due to damage from wind and hail, repair will require 300 new shingles and the price is $0.50 per shingle. Please list all repairs or expenses needed, even if the total exceeds $1,000. In many cases, estimates or receipts are required prior to approval.

If you believe you will need additional funds in the future to repair your personal property or for living expenses, please describe the repairs you will need and give an approximate cost for each (if you need more room, please attach an additional page)

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